National Anti-Corruption Forum takes place

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National forum against corruption took place in State Palace on Tuesday in connection with the 10th anniversary of Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC).

In his opening remarks, Parliament Speaker Mr M.Enkhbold highlighted that the implementation of National Program on Anti-Corruption which was approved by Parliament in 2016, is not only the responsibility of Parliament or the Independent Authority Against Corruption /IAAC/, but it should be achieved with active participation, support and engagement of everyone.

The national forum was attended by Members of Parliament, foreign diplomats in Mongolia, authorities of government organizations and representatives of organizations cooperating with the Independent Authority Against Corruption and civil society organizations.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat closed the forum, and said, “Even though there are many features and indicators promoting a positive image of Mongolia on the international arena, certain aspects like poverty, corruption, bureaucracy and environment pollution are damaging the reputation of our country. Therefore, we need to work together on all levels against these factors”.

The revised Law of Mongolia on Anti-corruption was adopted in July 2006, and on January 11, 2007, Parliament passed a resolution on the structure of the Anti-Corruption Agency.